On a Hunt

I first introduced the whole scavenger hunt idea to jake back in March. A friend tipped me off to the Team Umizoomi scavenger hunt printables. I printed it out and gave it a shot.

He took a look at what he was going to be hunting for.

Then started his search.

Take a look at that wallpaper. I have an after removal post coming soon.

Jake loved running around the house looking for his cut outs.

He even looked in some places I thought he'd never try. The drawer? He was really searchin'!

I thought this was more his speed.

Sometimes he did need to be reminded of what he was looking for.

He was lovin' it.

Since then, jake asks to do a hunt about every other day. I try to change it up. Sometimes we look for letters and numbers. He's really into being an explorer and a detective so I need to get my act together and do a themed scavenger hunt outside. Maybe something where at the end we have to figure out the identity of a "prize". Hmmm...I have a two hour drive to Cleveland coming up soon. Something to think about!