anna's birthday part 2

I've noticed that anna likes to stick her thumb up her nose when she's tired. Weird. She loves books and toys that involve people. jake always loved the books with objects. She's taking a few steps here and there. I wouldn't say she's walking. She's learned how to stand up on her own, though. jake learned how to walk first then learned how to stand on his own. She's so light and he's so dark. Opposites.

I'm on of those people that doesn't have the kids open presents at the actual party. I hate having people watch me open presents. Its the worse part of a shower if you ask me. Plus, I can't imagine its fun for the toddler set to sit still and watch some other kid open up all these cool packages.

I hear that'll change in a couple of years, though. I hear once the kids get older they like to see the birthday kid open their gift.

We had anna open her birthday gifts the day after her party. Its kind of nice to just take your time and let her play with each gift.

Its hard to let her tear into everything when you get gifts wrapped like this.

We were able to move passed it, though.

She was so tiny at Christmas. She had no clue what was going on. It was fun to see her get into the gifts.

What color do you call that hair?

She hasn't lost all of those cheeks.

If it has a face, she loves it.