dumpster divin'

I'm not really one to dumpster dive. i just lack vision. I'm lazy, too. Half the stuff I want to do never gets done. Really 3/4's of the stuff I want to do never gets done.

Our neighbors around the corner had their house up for sale and were cleaning stuff out. Its really sad, actually. They're an older couple. Her alzheimer's was getting to be too much for him to handle and he was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. How's that for a kick in the shins? I believe they were moving into an assisted living center so were significantly downsizing. Downsizing equals lots of stuff on the curb. We drove by one day and saw a chest out there. I told Trev to stop and get it but, he wouldn't. Fancy pants. I dropped him off at the house then went back and got it. So glad I did. Stuff doesn't last long around this neighborhood. People are like vultures around here.

I kept putting off taking pictures because I wanted everything to be all stylized and perfect. Like in those super cool blogs.

I came to the realization that would never happen so I accepted my "toys all over the place" life and just snapped away.

We ended up putting a couple of coats of poly on it and left it as is.

We have no idea who Kannapel is. Could be the neighbor. I thought it was kind of cool so we left the name on it. We're using it as a toy chest so I used spray adhesive to line it with felt. The inside was splinter heaven.

So while I'm taking my awesome and super cute home pictures, this is what goes on.

What you don't see is me yelling, "Jacob don't you dare hit your sister." He's obsessed with garbage trucks and garbage cans and she was going for that green can. She got it in the end. She snuck it. I didn't give it to her.

I am really struggling with getting jake to share with anna. He calls everything his garbage for his garbage trucks and doesn't want her to touch it. Its exhausting really.

This is what you get when you try to show off your dumpster dive and when you let your 3 year old put on his own underpants.

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