Mighty Machines

Ugh. jake can't get enough of this Mighty Machines video on Netflix. The one I linked to on Amazon only has like four episodes. The one on Netflix lists all 20 some odd episodes. Call me up. I'll sing you the theme song.

Since he has this love of mighty machines, I basically told my friend Rachel that she had to join us at our local children's museum when they were exhibiting....wait for it....mighty machines! Why Rachel? Well, she could get us in free. Thankfully she accepted my totally altruistic invitation.

When we first stepped outside the first words out of jake's mouth were, "CEMENT MIXER!!" He was excited. The boys started small and ran right to a little bulldozer thing.

anna watched patiently from the stroller.

The boys did really well together. They went to each tractor together and even shared a few seats.

They got to actually lift the blade up on a little bulldozer. I bet some are asking how I know its called a blade. My friend, I have read quite a few tractor/truck/machine books in the last three years.

jake was excited...

...but then started taking the job very seriously.

The little ones got the short end of the stick. They were strapped in. Forced to watch the fun from the sidelines.

I was really surprised that they actually got to use a digger.

jake was a little intimidated at first but, he warmed up.

Mighty machines are serious business.

Once we were done with the trucks, we headed inside to the water tables. anna liked the water table.

She's just like her brother.

Yes! That's jake's first time at the same water table!! Here's the whole post if you want to reminisce with me.

We just happened to be with the same friends.

Ack! Don't they look so tiny!! and Ack! Haven't my photography skillz gotten better!

This time around, jake graduated to the big boy water table.

anna enjoyed herself with blondie's little brother.

They almost look like they could be brother and sister.

P.S. I feel slightly neglectful that she's topless next to a boy. I wasn't prepared, though. I only had one shirt with me and I knew she was going to get soaked. Its ok, though. Little blondie was very respectful. His eyes never lowered.
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