wind sock

I have a ton of things that I want to post. From the family to the house, there's a lot going on. I thought about skipping the little stuff and just posting about the bigger activities and things. I got to thinking that this blog is really for me more than for anyone else. Its for me and for the kids. I want to remember the little things along with the big things so whatever.

Who wouldn't want to remember that back in April I could only open the dishwasher for five second intervals because this little girl was obsessed with it and wanted inside of it.

Its crazy to look at these photos of the kids in long sleeves when it was 90 degrees today. These were from mid April. I was super excited for the warmer weather and searched for ways to get jake out running. I saw a mini wind sock in Family Fun and decided to do a bigger version with jake.

I've really wanted to fly a kite with him for a while now but, it seems I never have my act together on windy days. Maybe this fall.

He ran circles while his sister watched.

This was back when anna wouldn't leave her blanket island. I could set a blanket on the grass and she wouldn't get off of it.

Those days are over.