daddy day

I'm beginning to think I'm not a person that does well with moderation. When I said we were going to have a summer of simplifying and taking it easy, I may have let that go a little too far. With school starting, I'm searching for a middle road. Since I'm never good at middle roads or moderation, this is going to be a challenge.

jake is a handful. I suppose every three year old has their moments. The sad thing about being a parent is if your kid is a brat, you really have no one to blame but yourself. Granted some of it is nature but, a good chunk is nurture.

jake is by no means a brat, although he has his moments, but there are some things we need to get him over with and quick. Namely hitting when he's frustrated and at a loss as to how to express his feelings. I feel like he's getting better but, I haven't been as consistent as I should've been the last month. Its hard to teach a child how to express their feelings. I mean most adults don't really even know how to do it. Its hard as a mother because I know that jake really is the sweetest little boy. Who doesn't want to squeeze a little boy that picks a dandelion for his mommy as he heads out the door then squeals with excitement when he gets back and notices she put it in water. I die each time he randomly gives me a kiss throughout the day. Ugh. Its hard trying to raise a good person.

anna smiles about 80% of the time. When she's not smiling man is she so not happy. She's currently loving itsy bitsy spider. She's trying to do the hand motions and everything. She's gorgeous. She's starting to walk with her hands down by her side and it just cracks me up for some reason. I can't wait to hear what she's got to say.

jake's first gift to Trev on Father's day was a finger painted picture. I wanted anna's first gift to be the same thing so we set out with some finger paints a few days before Father's Day. She tried to eat a lot of it but, I think she enjoyed it. jake loves any kind of art project so he was all about it. We hung his up on the gallery wall. He picked out a helicopter and an airplane to paint for Trev for Father's Day.