a day in the life

If you haven't guessed, I'm going through the pictures on my computer. I'm trying to get up all of my summer memories even though summer is over.

Tonight Trev told jake that if he was extra quiet mommy would come in and tuck him in. Usually the kid can't stay quiet for more than 2 minutes so when 10 minutes went by, I thought for sure he fell asleep. After 30 minutes, I heard some rustling on the monitor and poked my head into his room.

He said all loud and awake, "mommy!"

I went over and laid down next to him and he asked me as sweet as can be, "Mommy what took you so long. Where were you? Tell me about it."

Kid played me tonight. He snuggled right up to me.

Whispered, "I want to tell you something." Then gave me a huge kiss on the cheek.

Leaned in and said, "Eskimo kiss, mommy." Lifted his head up to rub his nose to mine.

Then sweetly asked if I would stay and snuggle with him. Ummm, yes!

This was a typical low key day for us. It was the beginning of June. We'd just gotten back from vacation. We were ready for summer. June seems so long ago. Time really does fly. On this particular June morning, I wanted to try and teach jake about the color wheel.

anna got to spend time wrapped up in my arms.

It was going well until a flash flood of three year old hit.

Just as quickly as it comes, it all goes away.

Later that same day, jake did some scissor practicing and helped me clip coupons.

anna colored with crayons for the first time.