a glimpse

If anna wakes up at night, Trev has to go to her. Why? Well, when I do, she stays up for HOURS waiting for me to give in and nurse her. The average stand off is about two hours. If Trev goes in, he's there for 5 minutes. The other night I went in her room at 2 am. She saw me and starting doing the tickle monster. Someone is a sucker in this picture and I'm pretty sure its me.

We're down to once a day. The morning session. That's going to be a hard one to give up because if she wakes up too early, I can just pop the boob out and she goes back down for an hour. Well, sometimes she does. Sometimes she fakes me out and takes the boob at 5 am, but will start a dance party after she's done.

I bought a new camera back in June. Let me tell you, there was a learning to that thing. I'm still not totally 100% comfortable with it. I'm probably about 90%. I do love it, though. So when I first got it, I had to do some practicing before I whipped that baby out at a portrait session.

Some of these settings are off as I was experimenting. They're not the best technically but, they sure do give you a glimpse into our mornings.