Summer is passing me by. I was filling out jake's preschool paperwork thinking about how there's only a few weeks left in August. For as slow as the day can go, you just blink and time flies. Way back in the beginning of June, the beginning of summer, we went strawberry picking with our friends.

Speaking of time flying. He looks like a little boy, doesn't he?

As always with strawberry picking there's much more eating then picking.

anna couldn't even walk in the beginning of summer! She sat back and watched from the stroller.

jake's best girl.

Proof he did pick a few.

I think she enjoyed it a little.

Especially when she got to sample.

I was determined to get a bunch. I wanted to use them for anna's birthday party. Strawberry lemonade! It was yummy.

jake went exploring with his friend jack. I forget what he said....they were going on an adventure?? safari??

Flushed from the heat and red from the strawberries!

They could be twins.