tickle monster

This morning we went outside to say good bye to a friend that visited for a bit (we loved seeing you, Christine!!). anna took off walking down the sidewalk. jake went to go get her. They held hands on the way back. I DIE! Once they got to me, I grabbed jake and gave him a big fat embarrassing mom kiss and told him he made me happy by holding his sister's hand. He then went in search of a pine cone.

anna's latest cuter than ever habit is being the tickle monster. She'll run towards you while bending and straightening her fingers and yell, "tick, tick, tick".

anna isn't exactly one to let me just do something with jake without her participation. When we made her birthday cookies, I found out fast that she wasn't going to sit contently on the floor while we baked. The first day, I pulled her chair over and sat her in her high chair. She was not happy. She perked up a bit when she got a spoon to lick. By day four of cookie baking, she happily sat in that chair and waited patiently for her spoon.