touch a truck v.3

Its become a tradition to go to touch a truck. Its usually a couple of days before jake's birthday so it makes for a fun outing.

anna was excited about her first touch a truck event.

Seriously, she's in love with her big brother.

If only he'd stop wonking her on the head.


Trev wasn't able to take the day off last year but, managed to skip out of work early to join us. It was sprinkling but, jake was exciting.

These two were studying up for the truck exhibit at the kids' museum.

There were a ton of trucks there. All different kinds. Only one really mattered, though.

jake was psyched.

The kid will watch hours of other kids playing with their garbage trucks on youtube. Yeah, you heard me right. Other kids playing with their garbage trucks. To be fair, he does switch to real garbage trucks every now and then.

We did try to get him to make his own video. He starts then 5 seconds later says he has to get his itouch so he can watch the videos. I guess he wanted to make a video of him watching a video. Crazy kid.

On an unrelated note, here's how he set the table for dinner that night.