whipped cream

I read back to the posts when I was weaning jake. Seemed like the recurring theme was weaning was not going well. Guess it wasn't as easy as I remembered it. Well, not to sound like a broken record but, weaning is not going well. anna is fighting it like a hard headed, stubborn little champ. I remembered one thing that I used to do with jake is when he wanted to nurse, I'd give him a cookie. Tried that with anna. She just ate the cookie and came back to nurse. She's got four of her top teeth coming in, too. I know its not the best time to wean her. I know nursing helps soothe some of that pain. I don't know. Honestly, I'm feeling pressure. What can you do?

jake is three. That's about all I have to say about that. Some days he's the best little boy and big brother. The next day, he's throwing himself on the floor because I cut up his pancakes for him. I love that little boy more than he'll ever know but, holy bajezus, he knows how to wear me thin. The neighbors are probably sick of hearing me say, "Jacob, you're making mommy angry. Please get in your seat before I lose my temper" while the garage door is open.

Anyway, here's a fun activity involving both of them. While jake did this, again.

anna did this.

I let her "paint" with whip cream.

She was much more into it than when she was younger.


Who doesn't like whip cream?