anna is in the middle of a development burst.  Its so fun to watch them experience the world.  We took our first weekend away from her and I swear I came back and she's ready for college.

The night before we left, she started saying hi.  She'd do it in a whisper with a big smile on her face.  Today jake was standing on the steps and she looked up and said, "hi".

jake looked down and said, "Hi, anna.  You wanna come up, too?"

Ack, I about cried.  They were conversing!

mimi told me on the phone while we were away that she thought she was trying to say fish but it was coming out, "shhh".  She'd wobble over to the fridge, point to the fish magnets and say, "shhh".

Last night I read a book to her where a baby is hiding his hands behind some bubbles.  I asked her where her hands were and she raised both up and started waving them with a big smile on her face.  Always with a big smile.

She's doing an awesome job at stacking blocks and especially likes snatching her brother's favorite things so he'll chase after her.

There was a time when I carried cute little purses.  Those days are over.  I'm passing the torch...or the coach.