the lake house

Our friend Tony has a party at his family's lake house every year.  I think this was year 20?  Trev and I started going in...2003 maybe?  Trev started earlier but, I think my first year was 2003.  We might've skipped the year jake was born and last year when anna was born.  Guess that really is too much detail.  Let's just say he's been hosting it for a while and we've been taking him up on the offer as much as we can.

The first time jake went to the lake, I refused to let him on the jet ski.  This year, I promised to be a little more laid back as to what jake could do when it came to water crafts.  I let my baby go on a jet ski for the first time.  I told Trev not to go too far and...ummm....before I knew it they were out of my site.  I swear they were breaking some kind of lake speed limit, too.  Trev said he asked jake if he wanted to go around the lake one more time and jake said he wanted to go around ten more times.  Tony was nice enough to let jake drive the boat, too.  The kid now thinks Tony's lake house is the best place ever.  Probably better than Disney.

Tony's sister is also an anna so I used that fact to force her to hold my daughter when I needed to take some pictures.  I basically forced the annas to hang out.  My anna went on her first boat ride.  We couldn't tell if it was the wind in her eyes or if she was falling asleep.  She wasn't crying so I call it a success.  jake did the same thing on his first boat ride at the lake so it must just be the wind.

The kids had a blast.