lazy days

The lazy days of summer are for sure over.  Our pool stays open past Labor Day just as long as it stays warm enough to swim.  I'm waiting for the email welcoming the dogs to the pool before they drain it for the year.  I can already feel the days getting hectic.

jake has this fascination with what you do with things when they get old.  He's asked what we do with the car when it gets old.  He says he doesn't want them to tear down our house even though its old.  Which its not by the way.  He asked me today what you do with little boys when they get old.  I resisted the urge to tell him that you just get more and more frustrated with them.  Instead, I told him that he'd always be my baby boy and I'd love him so much no matter how big he got.  How's that for awesome mommy-ness???

I'm really worried about anna's sleeping.  I just don't think she's getting enough.

I'm already missing the bright sunshine.  Tank tops.  Bare feet.  Just hanging around the house.  Starting the days off slow...