my jake

Babies become kids.  Just letting you know.  In case you had no idea.  Sometimes I just stare at this kid and think about cuddling with him all day when he was just a newborn.  Every now and then I can still see a little bit of that baby still in his face.  That's not when he's yelling because he's being sent to time out.

He's becoming a good big brother.  Took him a bit to get there but, he's getting there.  He told me last night that he likes it when I come in his room to say good morning and while I'm giving him a hug anna strolls in and says, "hi".

While walking into school today, he grabbed his sister's hand and led her down the hallway to his class.  He then tackled her so she wouldn't cross the rope.  The sweetness of it all almost made me cry.

Sometimes I take the kids to McDonald's for milkshakes.  We don't go in and eat them.  I park the car.  I grab anna from her carseat and I let jake sit in the front seat next to me.  He loves it.  What is it about kids and playing in the car?  They all seem to love it.  One day I asked him if he wanted to try and find some garbage trucks.  He said, "No, mommy.  Sometimes its fun to watch the cars go by."

The boy is till OBSESSED with garbage trucks.  He watches every YouTube video there is about them.  Our searches are "toy garbage trucks", "real garbage trucks",  "dumpster garbage trucks", "lego garbage trucks", and "kids playing with garbage trucks".  The other day he told me he wanted to watch videos of other kids watching real garbage trucks.

He loves garbage day and gathering all the trash around the house with Trev.  Once they empty out the trash, he has to turn the trash cans upside down like the real garbage men.  He loves being called garbage man jake.  He will play with the recycling bins outside for hours.  Moving them around.  Acting like he's filling them up.  Acting like he's dumping them out.

To help foster this obsession with garbage trucks, I came up with a little craft to corral all of the shredded paper he was using as trash.  The stuff was everywhere.  Now we have little mini garbage bags full of shredded paper everywhere.  At least everything is cuter when its mini.

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