new chairs

I've been on the hunt for new chairs for quite a while.  The ones we had were a little too country for me.  Don't get me wrong.  I liked them.  I just didn't like four of them grouped so closely together.  I like them way more now that they're kind of scattered around the house.  Plus, they had a really small base which made them really easy for the toddler set to tip them over.  Its actually the small base that started my hunt for new chairs.  Those suckers were way to easy to tip.  I searched for months and months trying to find something that I liked at a reasonable price.  Enter Miss Polka Dots and Puppies.  She has a slight obsession with tolix chairs.  Here's her post about the wonderment of tolix.  So she got me obsessed, too.  I mean good base and wipeable.  Ughhh...hells yeah.  Sadly, even the knock offs are a bit steep.  Enter the ever famous Young House Love peeps.  They toured an office that had a cute tolix knock off.  I got totally sucked in and ordered them that day.  I'm very happy with our decision.  There's big plans for those chairs and the dinette during the kitchen renovation.

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