We took the kids to see Thomas a couple of weeks ago.  I guess I should say we took jake to see Thomas.  Its basically a big merchandise tent with a train ride on a fake Thomas engine.  I always assumed that the car dressed up as Thomas would be a real engine but, its not.  The real engine is at the back of the train.

When we arrived, we hit up the Thomas merchandise tent.  We told jake he could get something after we rode the train thinking he'd forget.  Damn 3 year olds start to really remember things.  He picked out Jack the bulldozer.  Odd.  You figure he'd want Thomas or at the very least Percy.  Instead he picks out the one thing that isn't a train.

He was super excited.  It was fun to watch him take it all in.  I think anna had a good time, too.  She liked seeing all the people.  You'll notice he doesn't have a Thomas shirt on.  Ummm, he doesn't have one.  Buzz kill.  His favorite train shirt wasn't even clean.  Mother of the year.

P.S.  In the pics, you can totally see how cheap I am and how I took pictures over the guy's shoulder so I wouldn't have to buy the ones the take.