Its been a crazy couple of months.  I have no time for anything.  Its really frustrating.  I have a ton of thoughts about it but, I need more time to get it all out.  Time.  Its pretty valuable.

So much is happening with the kids.  They are both growing and changing so much.  I'm trying to make sure I capture some of those moments.  The other day we were making cookies and I pulled the sugar out of the pantry.  That's when jake told me sugar rhymes with booger.  I'm just glad he knows about rhyming.

Trev and I finally got iphones.  We pre-ordered them and got them in the mail.  I put the boxes on the counter while jake watched me.  He asked what was in the boxes.  I told him they were mommy and daddy's new phones.  His response, "Are they iphones?"

I tore the idea for tissue paper bowls out of Family Fun a long time ago.  I finally got around to letting jake give a try about a month ago.  He told me that he didn't want to do a bowl.  He wanted to make a planet.  I searched the house for some balloons but, all I could find was water balloons.  For some reason, I was scared to blow them up so I stuck a whiffle ball on a straw and let him have at it.  I wasn't convinced he'd actually cover the whole thing with tissue paper anyway.

He did it for a bit but, yeah, it didn't last.  He totally decided that he wanted to make burritos out of the tissue paper.  So, he made burritos instead of planets.

The glue was just water and flour.  I have no idea how well it dries.  I chose not to keep the burritos.  Despite the non toxic nature of the "glue", I still adapted it a bit for anna.  Instead, I gave her a plate, water and some tissue paper.  I tried to show her how to "glue" the paper to the plate using the brush and water.  Of course the brush ended up in her mouth.  I can't wait for her to stop putting everything in her mouth.  Although, jake still puts stuff in his mouth.  Maybe my kids are just weird like that....