Even though I haven't done a stellar job keeping up with the blog during my busy photo time, I've still tried to keep up with the fall activities involving the kids.  Apple picking, pumpkin patches, Halloween.  I have it all in pictures...  In some ways its kind of nice to be this far behind.  It helps me remember how much I love having the kids with me.  It forces me to look back and really think about the day.

Back in the beginning of October, we went apple picking with our friends.  I got there a little early to try and attempt a brother and sister photo shoot.  Sigh...things never turn out how I envision them.  That's what memories are I suppose.  Memories not visions.

This post is followed by so many pictures that you may just want to move right on.  I like to think this is for the grandparents and England.

Side note:  I've changed some things with my pictures and the blog so hopefully England can upload these things a little faster.  Can you imagine that Nannie is still dealing with a dial up?!?  Umm yeah...dial up still exists.  Crazy, I know.  I think they may be the only ones left in all of England to have a dial up.

A few things I noticed while going through these pics.

1.  jake never looks at the camera anymore.  He's over it.  Sometimes I find myself taking more pictures of anna just because she'll look at me.  jake purposely does not look at me.  Stinker.

2.  jake is skinny.  Like crazy skinny.  From what I hear Trev was like that as a kid, too.  It stresses me out.  Ugh.

3.  I might be biased but, my kids are gorgeous.