pumpkin projects

I try to do crafts with the kids on a daily basis.  It doesn't always work out to be daily but, I try.  Oddly, I hardly ever do crafts that are holiday themed.  A couple of weeks before Halloween, I decided to take my friend Andrea's lead and have jake make a jack-o-latern out of some construction paper and a paper plate.

I set anna up with a dry erase marker and board.  Ummm, yeah.  I know.  I'm nuts giving a 1 year old a marker.  Yes, she still likes to shove things in her mouth.  Yes, she doesn't always stay on the paper.  Yes, I am an idiot.  She enjoys it, though.  The marker.  Not the fact that her mother is an idiot.

I let jake cut the pieces of paper himself.  I figured it was good fine motor practice and I was too busy making sure anna didn't end up with a face covered in marker.  I cut out the mouth, eyes and nose shapes for him.  This is where I should probably follow Andrea's lead and make an example for him.  The kid went all rogue on me and ended up making an orange car.  He just glued a bunch of orange on a plate then took two black circles and plopped them on that sucker and called it a day.  For some reason, I didn't take a picture of the end product.  I have it hanging on the wall, though.  I like to say he was thinking outside of the box.  Not that his mother was too lazy make him an example.