bucket 'o stickers

jake was always on a really good routine.  It really helped a ton for everyone.  anna, on the other hand, umm...no.  I just haven't been able to nail one down.  I've even stayed at home for a week at a time trying to figure out where she is napping wise.  Have you ever stayed home for a week with a toddler and a preschooler?  Its like a form of torture.  Everyone wants to just explode.

I feel like anna is in this perpetual state of transition.  I feel guilty about it.  What can you do?  She always seems right on the verge of dropping her morning nap.  If we're home, she'll stay awake.  If we're in the car, she'll fall asleep.  I know what would solve the whole issue.  If she would just sleep past 5am.  Ever since I weaned her over Labor Day weekend, she wakes up at 5am.  I used to nurse her back down, but now that is over and she's up and ready to par-tay.

Since she wasn't sleeping in and I can't stay at home everyday for the rest of my life, we had to figure out a way to keep her awake in the car.  For awhile, the resolution was a bucket full of stickers.  I'd put a big bucket with a bunch of stickers stuck to it on her lap and she would just pick at the stickers the whole drive.  Whatever works.

One morning, since there's nothing much to do at 5am, I grabbed the bucket and had her refill the stickers.