crazy pants

The kids have been crazy pants the last couple of days.  Like insane.  My knee jerk reaction would be to say its cabin fever but, we've had a pretty mild winter so far and we haven't been trapped by snow.  The hours from 3-6 are particularly crazy.  Holy witching hour...or hours.  They feed off each other.  I suppose I should be happy that they are working together.  Even if its working together for my insanity.

anna is running around the house roaring like a lion, ruffing like a dog, or waving her little hands yelling da-tee.  Not sure if I should think its cute or be a little worried.

jake is totally into making a solar system.  I bought all the supplies.  Its freakin' expensive to make a solar system. He knows a ton of information, though.  All thanks to Trev because I am totally not into space.  He knows the planets.  He knows that Pluto is a dwarf planet.  I guess my very intelligent mother no longer serves us nine pizzas.  He knows about the red storm on Jupiter.  He's obsessed with the red dot that is a storm on Jupiter.

Projects around here are usually fun.  When they go wrong, boy do they ever.  I thought we would give tissue paper stained glass a shot.  I totally underestimated how much jake loved the water bottle.  He wouldn't share it with anna who apparently loves the thing just as much.  A lot of fighting occurred over that stinkin' water bottle.  Finally, I put it away which meant more fits.  Once I got him to put paper on the window, all he wanted to do was ball up the pieces and make soggy balls.  By that time, my vision so wasn't happening and I was beyond frustrated and we just called it a day and I turned the tv on.

The pictures suck because there were so many fights, fits, crying and yelling that I didn't have time to adjust settings.  Can't win them all, I suppose.