For some reason I've decided that I want to make the kids' costumes.  Not entirely sure why.  I'm sure I don't have too much longer until jake insists on having some kind of superhero store bought costume.  Oh well.  I still have anna.

This year jake said he wanted to be Bob the Builder.  Well, it was a toss up between Bob the Builder and a shark.  He ultimately chose Bob.  Its hard to find a pair of overalls for a 3 year old.  I should say its hard to find a pair of overalls for a 3 year old that don't cost a lot because his mother doesn't really like overalls so he'll never wear them again.  I ended up getting him 18 mo old overalls by mistake.  They are soo short but, his boots covered the slack....or lack of slack.

anna chose to be a butterfly.  Ha!  I just wanted to make butterfly wings.  I took some inspiration from the Pottery Barn Kids butterfly costume.  i was pretty happy with how those wings turned out!

We had a few costume events to attend.  First we went to a local nursing home to visit with the residents. I kind of thought we'd go from room to room and trick or treat.  Ummm...no.  They had all the residents sitting in a big circle then asked the kids to sit in the middle of the circle.  It was a little....awkward??  The residents didn't even have candy.  Bummer since I told jake we were trick or treating there.  The manager did pass out a goodie bag at the end.  Thank goodness.  It was getting ugly.

Later that day, jake had the costume parade at preschool.  It was cute.  So fun to see him looking for me then smiling when he saw me.  Or maybe he was smiling because he got even more candy?

Actual trick or treating was short but sweet for anna.  We only took her to a couple of houses.  jake and I went on with the neighbors to more houses.  anna was a bit confused at first but, once the candy hit the bag, she knew what was going on.  Funny how it doesn't take long for kids to realize the deal behind trick or treating.

So some of these are from my phone.  Funny enough, I had full memory cards on trick or treat day and only got one picture of the kids.  Thank goodness for the iphone!