the kitchen reno starts

anna got a bunch of food for her kitchen for Christmas.  One of the gifts was a set of the four food groups.  One of the food groups includes a chicken leg.  I looked up the other day to see anna singing into the chicken leg like a microphone.  She loves stirring things.  She'll take the little itty bitty spoon that is part of her tea set and stir in the cup forever.  She likes to take pots and pots out of the cupboards, yell out me to get her a spoon, and she'll stir.  Apparently, I stir a lot when I cook.  She also loves to say "whoa" anytime she gets off balance.  Its so cute.

jake is an awesome big brother.  I was a little worried there for a bit, but he's awesome.  She's realizing it, too.  She wants to be where he is and do whatever he's doing.  We were at a friend's birthday party where there was a pinata.  Once the pinata was broken, jake grabbed a bunch of stuff for himself then much to our surprise came to the back of the room with a bunch of stuff for anna, too.  He's even sharing candy with her.  She had her 18 month well baby check up the other day.  jake asked if she was going to get pokes...he calls shots pokes.  We said probably.  Trev asked if he was going to give her a hug to make her feel better.  jake said a hug and a kiss.  Love!

We've started the kitchen renovation...well at least we did back in November.  Here are the before pictures.  You'll notice that I took the time to clean up before I took them.  I like to think it will just make the afters seem that more dramatic.