one morning, one moment

Trying to figure out the right balance between living in the moment and documenting the moment is something I struggle with all the time.  Sometimes when I'm behind the camera, I feel like I'm not really living the moment.  I'm watching the moment.  At the same time, I am constantly saying to myself breathe this in and remember it.  Remember this moment.  Problem is, you rarely ever remember.

Every morning, after we eat breakfast, the kids and I head upstairs.  I flip on the tv and take a shower.  Usually, they sit for about 5 minutes then I can hear screaming, yelling and lots of footsteps as I try to quickly wash my hair.  One morning, they actually just sat in my bed and watched tv.  When I got out of the shower, jake hopped up and ran to his room.  He got Raspberry, his stuffed snake, and a bunch of books.  He got back into bed and said he wanted us all to cuddle in bed, watch tv, and read books.  He crawled back to his spot next to anna and told me to get in.  I quickly grabbed the camera and took a few pics so I'd remember the moment.  Ideally, I would've set up the camera so I could get all three of us but, I didn't want to take the time.  Part of me wishes I wouldn't have taken the pictures at all.  I should've just laid down next to them and enjoyed the full moment rather then just a fraction I got because I took pictures.  Would I have remembered that moment if I hadn't, though?