cloud dough

This renovation has taken control of my life.  Trev says I need to stop calling it a kitchen renovation because its the first floor of our house.  Its true.  We're replacing all the floors, painting, and replacing the toilet and sink in the half bath.  I was prepared for the kitchen to be gone.  I was not prepared for how true it is that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  I mean a messed up kitchen really spills into the rest of your life.  Ugh.  I feel like I can't get anything organized or put together.  No part of this house is organized or really all that clean.  I can't remember things because all I'm focused on is getting some counter tops.  Sad.

This winter I had a bunch of things I wanted to do with the kids while the weather was cold.  Then we had this whack a do winter and this whack a do reno.  Ugh.  I usually like to do an activity a day, but I can't say that happened this winter.  Oh well, they're still alive.

I did do this cloud dough thing with them soon after Christmas.  Its basically flour and baby oil.  Smells lovely.  Not so clean.  At first I tried to tell them to keep it in the baking sheet, but then I decided that I needed to let them be kids and I was going to have to clean up anyway so I might as well let them have fun.  It was the beginning of the year...1/3 to be exact....I was trying to stick to my resolutions.  So it got pretty ugly as far as tidiness goes, but it was fun to see them have fun.  Its hard to let kids just do their thing.  I'm trying, though.

Trev yelled at me for play do instead of play doh.  Apparently, it really annoys him.  Kind of made me think if I should of said could doh instead of cloud dough.  Definitely not cloud do.