January in a nutshell

I've been horrible about taking "real" pictures of the kids the last few months.  I've kind of been busy with the photography and the kitchen really took a toll on me.  I just really didn't pick up the camera for personal reasons all that much.  Its really sad.....but, there's always the iphone.  Did take some using that sucker!  Here's our January...

anna got her first pony tail and her first tutu.  She quickly got her first set of pig tails.  We did some reading and playing while waiting for Trev to get home from work.  anna did some cleaning and cooking...jake and I did not.  She woke up from naps cranky with crazy hair and continued to be cranky once the hair was fixed.  They both decided eating cheese from a bowl was best done without hands or utensils.  jake helped with demolition.  We did some relaxing and cuddling.