I scream

I think we all get into ruts.  You kind of just get going with a focus on getting through to the end.  The problem is, when you get to the end, you're just looking around going what happened?  I say about every six months that happens to me.  It definitely happened this winter.  I got caught up in a lot of things.  Some of which were important and some of which weren't.  I had a few things kick me into gear and now my mind feels a little less muddy and life seems a little clearer now.  A week in Florida at the beach doesn't hurt, either.

I'm glad I have a ton of things to blog about to get me up to date.  Its helping me look back at what was such an overwhelming time and see what I was too caught up to see before.

I remember seeing something about ice cream in a bag a looong time ago on the "Today Show".  jake was so little at the time.  It was definitely one of those file it in your mind for later things.  I started seeing it popping up on Pinterest.  I added it to my list of kids activities.

I have no idea what made me think that making ice cream in the middle of winter would be a perfect activity.  Seems odd.  The kids enjoyed it.  I guess on this cold winter day, shaking a bag of ice seemed like the right thing to do.

I will admit that the kids were over the shaking in about 30 seconds and I got salt and water everywhere.  Well they did for the 30 seconds they were into it and then I shook it over the sink.  The ice cream was good.  Probably because it involved heavy cream.  I was quite surprised at the taste.  Plus, we had enough to have for dessert after dinner.