I decided that since jake was into space that we were going to make him a solar system for the ceiling in his room.  Jupiter was our first endeavor.  I think Jupiter is the one with the red spot.  Well, whatever one has the red spot is the one that we did first.  jake knows which one it is.  Too bad he's not writing this.  It was hard to get the red spot when jake wanted to put red spots everywhere.  Its hard to explain to a three year old to do only one spot.  We even looked at pictures online before we started painting.  Each had only one red spot.  He was excited, though.  It turned into a weird mess of spot like spots.  Plus, its really hard to paint a ball.  I tried to put it on a cup, but telling a three year old to paint gently is as easy as telling him to only paint one spot.  Add in a little sister and its damn near impossible to paint a ball.  I ended up holding it while he painted it.