I'm not the biggest fan of Easter egg hunts.  There's always a few kids grabbing 500 eggs with their parents cheering them on while another kid stands crying and upset because they can't get any.  Now, I know that's life and things aren't always going to be equal but, its Easter.  I feel like if there was any time for compassion and kindness, perhaps Easter would be a good holiday to show it.  At the very least a time to teach your kid not to be greedy.

So, just like Santa, I didn't really want to do it but, I did because I'm a follower not a leader.  We signed up for what I thought would be a fairly low key hunt.  I opted to go with anna thinking that the younger kids would be more low key.  Glad I went that route because Trev tells me the older kids were every man for himself.  Where's my picturesque egg hunt like at the end of Steel Magnolias?  Kids dressed in seersucker frolicking on a hill....