march real quick

I went on a walk with the kids today.  As we walked, jake and I were reviewing large numbers.  I was surprised at how well he was doing with some of the big numbers.  I told him he was doing a great job and that I was proud of him.  I told him that daddy would be really happy because he's a numbers guy.  jake, without miss a beat, says, "Yeah, I'm a number lover."  Struck me as hilarious.

I'm not going to try and act like I was a good mother in the month of March.  I wasn't.  The kids and I still did things, but not really to the level that any of us are used to....oh well, what can you do, right?

Nothing like enjoying tv from the floor.  Big holes being cut into the house.  Dora dress and rain boots. Teaching hand eye coordination.  Spoiled apple kids.  Enjoying a popsicle with a neighbor.  Pulling up the wood floors.  Enjoying the new carpet.  Tutus and cowboy boots....along with garbage trucks.  Felt board fun.