angels sang

I think angels were singing the day the counters were installed.  Seriously.  I loved loved loved this granite.  Its probably the one element in the kitchen that I allowed myself to go over budget on.  It was our splurge, but I think it was worth it.

The kitchen isn't totally put together in these pics, but I think it gives a good idea of the total scope of the renovation.  The two main things we hired out were the new windows...because who really wants to diy a big gigantic whole in the side of your house...the cabinet/granite ended up costing us only a couple of hundred dollars extra to have it installed which isn't really much in the grand scheme of things...and joking, that is an art.  Trev did the demo, rerouted plumbing to include a pot filler and move my sink under the other window, the electrical to add pot lights and fixtures over the counters,  the electrical to give me plenty-o-sockets on the counters, and he installed the wood floors.  Plus, when we got the carpet in the family room, it was too plush to open our back door so he took the old one out and installed a new sliding door.

In case you're wondering where all the old stuff went, a lot of the old cabinets and counters are in our garage.  The rest of it was donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Once the counters were installed, I was super excited to get a working sink.  We had the faucet for about 5 months.  Too bad the thing broke during installation.  I will say Price Pfister sent us a new one no charge.  There was a bit of confusion and we almost got two new faucets but, overall, their customer service was great.

At this point, we still had to install our range hood, subway tile wall, and pot filler.