the beginning of summer

There's a few things that I've taken to doing with the kids every year.  One of which is strawberry picking.  It always marks the true beginning of summer for me.  Since our weather was super crazy this year, we picked strawberries a little early.

I loved this patch.  The plants were much neater and the walkways were very organized and bug-less.  Sounds so OCD.  anna got to participate more this year which was fun.  Well, she got to eat more this year.  She did pick way more then jake did...he just wanted to run around and get sticks.

I look back at these phone pics and wonder why I didn't bring the good camera.  Sometimes I get so lazy.  The kids get too much tv or I get short....ummmm yell....when they don't listen.  Such peaks and valleys in motherhood.  Hopefully everyone ends up kinda smart with no ADD and aren't in therapy talking about their lazy, yelling mom.