the kids like each other

The kids were actually pretty good throughout the renovation.  They really just kind of knew not to touch certain things.

jake is meant to be a contractor or builder.  He's really into it.  He'll even sit and watch an HGTV show with long as it involves demo and building.  I guess he's more of a DIY Network kind of guy.  Trev is really good at letting him help with almost anything.  He's way more patient than I am with letting him try something out.  I just end up getting frustrated because he's not doing it the way I see it.  Its taken many a craft project for me to figure out that jake and I don't share the same vision for anything.

anna dropped some old carpet padding down the new copper pipes.  It was mostly our fault for not covering them.  It was solved pretty easily, though.  We just turned on the water and everything shot out.

I joke...maybe complain...a lot that the kids don't get along.  This past summer they've really started to play together.  Obviously, anna is getting older and understanding how to play more but, jake has really started to take his sister under his wing.  Its fun to hear her say, "help me jake."  Its even better to hear him say, "ok, anna."  There's still some fighting and tears but, the laughter has started to outweigh the cries.

There's still the matter of girl games vs boy games.  anna for sure likes everything girl.  jake for sure likes everything boy.  We had friends over once that were both girls.  One was jake's age and the other was anna's age.  Sisters.  jake didn't know quite what to do when everyone chose to play dress up.

anna is into the family dynamic.  She always points out babies, mommies, daddies, brothers and sisters. She loves Peppa Pig because its always the four of them.

jake is into legos, super heroes, transformers, and garbage trucks.

No matter how different they are, I think I do see a bond forming.  It isn't fast.  Its actually happening quite slow.  Its happening, though.  I think I prefer it be slow.  It seems maybe they may be actually getting to know each other and liking what they find.  Not just a de-facto relationship.