Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for considering TDP.  I am crazy excited for the chance to capture some great moments for you.  Hopefully this page gives you an idea of how I work and answers any questions you may have.   I hope to welcome you to the TDP family soon!


Location, Location, Location

Choosing a location is kind of important and kind of not.  How’s that for definitive?  

In my opinion, the best images capture genuine emotions.  If there is a true smile - or frown - you are drawn to the person’s face…not the background.

I want to choose a place that is representative of your family. 

Urban settings are fun but, if you spend your weekends at the nature park, it doesn’t make sense.  My pinterest account (tammydeanphotos) has some of the most popular places around Columbus, but there are more places I can suggest, too.  I just want to know what fits your family.  Is it at a classic park with lots of landscaping? Is it downtown with a more urban, gritty feel. Is it more small town with porches and benches? Is it more farm like with a barn? I have suggestions for most everything! 

What to Wear?

The question that freezes a lot of people.  First, I’m really big on your family being natural.  If you aren’t a suit and tie and dresses with bonnets type of family, please don’t dress that way.  When it comes to picking out clothes, I would lean towards coordinating rather than matching.

What does coordinating not matching mean? Pick a couple of colors and have at least one of those colors running through each outfit. 


Patterns, textures, and accessories all add visual interest.

I’m sure someone in the family has an outfit you absolutely want in pictures. Sometimes its easier to coordinate off that outfit. For me, my daughter is a little diva and will only wear certain things so I had to plan the family off of her.

How will the session go?

I am a pretty informal person and I try to run my sessions the same way.  We will get to know each other and, hopefully, have some fun.  We’ll explore the location and take a few shots as the perfect spots present themselves.  We may spend most of the time at one spot or we may walk around a lot.  It really just depends on how we're all feeling.  I will capture candids and pose you at the same time.  My goal is just to keep everyone relaxed and loose. If you're thinking to yourself that there is no way my little guy will sit in one place for an hour.  You're right.  Don't worry, I agree with you.  

I know the feeling of wanting/hoping/praying that the kids behave.  Believe me, I know.  I have two children of my own.  Try not to pressure or coach them too much.  They sense fear.  

The more they feel like you want them to perform, the harder it becomes for everyone.  

Remember the most gorgeous smiles come from laughter and fun.  Letting the little ones be themselves is going to give the genuine smile you want to freeze forever.