newborn FAQ

Congratulations on your new baby news!  Oh my.  Whether its your first or your fourth, baby news always brings overwhelming emotions.  Emotions that probably won't stop for your lifetime.  That said, I want you to really know my newborn style because there are pictures that you can't redo next year.  I'm pretty simple in my view.  I'm not big on props.  My goal is for you to to look at these pictures 18 years from now and remember the slightly flaky skin on their little arms.  How their entire hand used to hold onto your thumb.  Their smell as you nuzzle their tiny ears.  The feel of their soft fuzzy hair.  The warmth of their little bodies as you hold them close.



Newborn sessions are of course a little different then family portrait sessions. There are a couple of things that you can do to help make your newborn shoot go a little smoother. Make sure the baby is fed when I get there and that the house is warm. The baby will probably be close to nude in most of the pics so we want to make sure they're warm. A hungry and cold baby is probably not going to like me too much!

Gather up all the blankets, hats and other things that mean something to you that you want in the pics. I can't guarantee we'll use all of them but, its a lot easier to think about it now then when I'm at your door.



I'm only going to be at your house for an hour to an hour and a half. I take the more formal individual shots of the baby first.  They usually get fussy after about 20 minutes or so and that's when I want you to take over. So be prepared for mom and dad to be in the pics! The last half is when I take the lifestyle shots. The ones of you loving your baby. Those are my most favorite and why I hope you hired me! Remember, no one is going to lose their baby weight in two weeks. You’re gorgeous!