Tell your story


The amazing thing about the time we’re living in is that we can have back-ups of back-ups. We store all our personal moments on our own phones, computers and tablets. The problem? It’s your own personal device. Your home has a story to tell. The story of your family. It does not wait for the computer to boot up or you to find it in your scroll. That story is behind every moment. Every image.

Embrace where you are this year and every year.

I want you to display the art that is your family. The art that is your story. I want you to display it for what its worth. For the art that it is in your life. I’ve curated products that let my photography and your family images sing.

These products are modern and simple ways to tell your story.

Memory Capsules

When I was little, I remember going up to the attic of my grandmother’s house and exploring. The silence. The smell. The textures. It’s an electronic world but, nothing brings back the wonders of the past like building a moment for memories. 

Memory capsules are wooden boxes with your choice of three finishes. Each box top has your family name and the year etched into the wood. They hold 5x7 images of your session. Each box is meant to be opened often and the prints to be handled by many hands.

White Wash (shown), Ebony Wash, Natural Chestnut Wash


When we first moved to our home, I asked the kids if I should search for some cool art pieces to fill the walls or use our family pictures. Without hesitation, they told me, “family pictures. It’s FAMILY, mom. we’re important.”

Metal prints take your family images from pictures to art pieces. Your family story goes one step further than the routine gallery wraps by printing on metal. A glossy finish provides brilliant color. The matte finish, available in select sizes, allows for a smooth velvety feel.

Glossy (shown), Matte

Moment Stands

Imagine having an image tucked in an everyday corner of your home. when you look up after throwing your keys on the counter or your desk, it’s the first thing you see. you smile at the joy of life. The joy of YOUR life.

Moment stands display four 5x7 metal prints. Each wood stand is laser etched with the year of the session. Metal prints are available in two finishes. The glossy finish provides brilliant color. The matte finish allows for a smooth velvety feel. Wood stands are available in a natural chestnut wash.


I like to think the best homes contain curated styled items. Things that we pick up through our days that jump out and spark some emotion. the most emotional pieces withstand generations. memories deserve to be preserved on something special and timeless. bamboo goes beyond canvas to showcase your story and your style.

Bamboo panels are 3/4” thick and can weigh up to 15lbs. at the largest size. Bamboo mounts come ready to hang. They’re an incredibly durable display that provide an eco friendly statement.

Traditional prints

Available in matte and glossy finishes.


Art is in the details. The details are your memories. tell me about the places, things and landmarks around columbus that hold a spot in your heart. \Let’s collaborate for your art and your story. counting rings show the history of a tree, your images printed on wood show your unique history.

With wood prints your image is printed on a piece of ¾" maple wood adding texture and depth to art installations. Highlighted and light colored areas will show the wood grain in detail.