I wanted to write this post last night but, after getting my mileage calculated for 2013, I decided that I should spend some time with my husband.  Both kids are in school for 2 1/2 hours on Thursdays mornings…the only day of the week!…so I work out with a trainer for one hour then work for the other hour.  I figured that I could get this post written in the hour that I try to work…along with the other stuff I need to get done for taxes.  Oy vey.  

Then the two hour delay came through and my routine driven self was sent into a tailspin.  Now I'm sitting here with my son next to me trying to make a game out of me writing a blog post so that it seems like we're spending quality time together before the bus comes when we're really he's playing games on his computer.  Just adding to the electronic time over here.  

I met with a group of small business owners the other day.  We're all mothers and wives that happen to run a small business, too.  We all vented that its just so hard to find the balance.  Is there one mother out there that has found the balance?!?!  Its an unattainable goal, I think.  One of my goals this year is to give myself a break.  If I need to get something done in the day then I just need to do it because if I don't then its just going to be on my mind.  If its on my mind then the time with my kids is going to be distracted time.  

I read this article from the Under The Sycamore blog.  I really like it.  I agree that we really need to see our children.  Not be preoccupied.  Let them be who they are meant to be.  We need to look them in eyes.  BUT, I'm going to give myself a break.  I know that totally unplugging in the day is not realistic for me.  If I don't get some things done on my to do list, I'll just obsess and it will be a road block to me focusing on my children.  I will be preoccupied with what I need to get done after bedtime.  

So this is an insanely pointless post.  Just telling everyone that I'm giving myself a break.  No sense in searching for the perfect balance.  Its not going to happen.  Besides, perfect is supposed to be so boring anyway…..right????

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