the clutch | columbus, ohio newborn photographer

This family was unbelievably calm.  Calm people intrigue me.  You mean you can actually get through a day without having to say, “WTF?”?  Thats probably why their little boy was so content and mine are so....insanely energetic??.  

I look back at the pics and think about how everyone had a small content smile on their face at all times.  Everyone.  Even big brother.  Baby sister barely cried and was content with just holding mama’s hand.  Calm and content.  Lovely.  Perfect for them.

Family dynamics are a crazy thing.  I could sit back for hours and think about all the families I know and how each person contributes to the puzzle.  If I stayed calm for an entire day, I’m pretty sure my kids would tell me to lie down and bring me a blanket.  They do that when I’m sick.  They bring me blankets and pillows.  We may not be a calm family but, we pull through in the clutch.  

I was discussing with a friend about how hard our kindergarteners have been the last couple of weeks.  How its just been a hard few weeks with the kids in general.  It wears on you.  In the end though, family always pulls through in the clutch.  We get our moments.  Lovely.  Perfect for you.

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