loyalty | powell, ohio family photographer

Loyalty.  Such an old fashioned concept, isn’t it?  I feel like there are so many options for everything now that loyalty isn’t alway a factor in our decisions.  Our lives get so busy that you don’t always have the time to get to know a business or a person to really develop a relationship that is loyalty worthy.  

I first met this lady when she called me to come and do a photo shoot at her house in the dead of winter.  I think it was right before Christmas.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  We became fast friends.  She’s probably the only person in the world that can out talk me.  Girl has a story for everything.  When I talk about her to other people, the first thing out of my mouth is she that, there is no doubt in my mind, she’s my most loyal friend.  If someone said something bad about me to her, I know she’d cut a b----.  

On my past website I had a little section about our photography relationship.  There’s a ton of pics but, its so fun to see their journey.  

The stars aligned perfectly during our most recent shoot.  This is image heavy but, there is a story to tell and I don’t even think these pics covered it.  Her loyalty to her husband, kids, friends and even that crazy dog is inspiring.

EG 4 Eva, girlfriend.  :)

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