selling out | powell, ohio family lifestyle photographer

When I did the final walk through of my old house, I stood in the kitchen and closed my eyes.  I just wanted to feel the feeling of that house one last time.  There were a million reasons why I wanted to leave that house so much happened to us there, though.  We became a family.  We laid the groundwork to a life that I could only have dreamed about.  When I think back, its the feeling that I remember.  The tired from a girl that woke up at 5:30am every morning for what seemed like forever.  The fear from a little boy that was reaching for an imaginary scuba tank in the backyard and broke his arm.  The joy of breathing in a newborn after their first bath.

When my friend told me she was putting her house on the market and wanted have photos at her house so she could have something to remember it by...I got you, girl.  They have an amazing home ahead of them but, the one that they spent 12 years of their life...the one they brought their babies home to...will always hold a place in their hearts.  I only hope I was able to capture the feel.