A Tailgating Pro

j went to his second tailgate this past weekend.  He's such a pro at it now.  We won't talk about the game, but the tailgate was a great success.  It's been a while since we've seen these guys.  I've always had my favorites amongst T's friends and these guys are definitely ranked at the top.  I wish we could see them more often.  I think j was a little upset that Maria wasn't at this one, but he'll survive.  Mary was there to pick up the slack.

He visited with big D first.  If you look really close, you'll notice that D doesn't look like he wants another one at all.



Thankfully j was able to make Mikey look a little cooler.  A little.  It's a hard job even for a gorgeous baby like j.



No tailgate is complete without charming the ladies.  j's still trying to work out if he's for the blondes or brunettes.


Shoulda taken that stupid pacifier out.  I'm working on not using it so much and limiting it to nap and bed time.  Plus, D made fun of j (which has definitely knocked him down in the rankings) for still using the Soothie pacifiers so we've graduated to the other kind because I have a complex now.

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