I owe two blessings.  One for Friday and one for Saturday.


I've always been the type of person where Fridays at 5 was my favorite time of the week because you were walking out of work and had the whole weekend ahead of you.  Kind of like how walking out the door when you had your whole vacation ahead of you was my favorite part of vacation.  Now that I'm staying home, it hasn't changed.  Friday at 5 is still my favorite time because I know that I'm going to have the whole weekend with T.  I couldn't be any luckier.  T does so much just to make sure that I am happy.  He tries so hard not to hit snooze the 5o times that he prefers because it would wake up j and I.  He starts the shower for me so that the water is nice and warm for me.  He always takes j in the mornings on the weekend so that I can grab an extra hour of sleep.  He always volunteers to change the poopy diapers on the weekend.  He picks up Duke's poop outside because he says I already deal with too much poop during the week.  He makes sure that the house is picked up before he heads upstairs to go to bed.  He's a great husband.  Fabulous.  Wonderful.


Our little guy loves Gymboree so much.  I'm glad we're able to fit into our budget.  It makes quite a dent in the 'ol wallet, but he just has so much fun and loves his teacher.  He's able to interact with other kids and, best of all, it tires him out.  We're just blessed that we can afford these types of activities for our little guy.  (p.s.  stay tuned for a whole seperate post of pics from Gymboree!)
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