I've written about my friend Erin before.  She is one of the most talented children's photographers I know.  Ok.  I'll be honest.  I don't know that many, but who needs to know any more once you know Erin?  Not only is she an awesome photographer, but she's totally supermom.  She's got four kids, runs her business, and throws birthday parties you wouldn't believe.  She's one of those crafty friends.  She makes Valentines to send to her daughter's class.  She makes her daughters little cupcake shirts.  Believe me, the boys aren't left out either.  Her baby probably does not have one second of his life not documented on film.  Plus, she's a very caring friend.

You want to see the pictures she took of j, don't you?

Visit her site.

Go to clients.

Our password is "cuteboy".

I can not recommend her enough.  You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to pictures.  I kick myself everyday because I didn't have her to take newborn pictures of j.
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