It's goin.

We're pushin' along around here.  I'm so happy that summer is here.  Summer does make for a busier schedule, though.  For some reason we have a lot of weddings this year.  This seriously has to be the last year of weddings. 

Trevor (who is mowing the lawn as we speak) is spending a lot of time mowing the lawn.  It becomes a jungle out there after only two days.  Mowing the lawn and work is about all he's got going.  Poor guy.  He does get a few boys' nights every now and then so don't feel too bad for him.  "Da" is also jake's favorite word.  He like to SCREAM it and point at Trevor if Trevor dares to give his attention to something else.  He refuses to say "ma" and even pointed at the dog once when Trevor asked him where's mommy.  Good to know all my exhausting days and nights with the kid are paying off. 

I'm recovering from the birthday party and the sick days that followed it.  I'm trying to figure out a summer schedule.  I like to have a schedule and routine.  Thankfully the pool will be included in the schedule.  Pool time is a lot different than it used to be, though.  No more just laying on the chair and using the adult swim to cool off.  Now I find myself sitting in the baby pool or in three inches of water at the zero entry pool. 

jake is constantly pointing at everything so it gets a bit exhaustive trying to tell him names of everything.  It's kind of hard to figure out what he's point at sometimes.  He is getting into everything.  I like to call him trouble maker.  It makes me tired to think that the real trouble isn't even here.  His new favorite books are the Berenstain Bears, specifically the one where they go on vacation.  He laughs at the picture of Papa Bear running into the ocean and gives the picture a kiss.  He ignores Mama Bear, go figure.  He fights his naps like a champ.  He likes to give me a kiss and try to run off and play, but gets ticked off when I put him back in bed.  He's on strike against the crib and refuses to sleep in it.  He now likes to sleep on the futon in his room.  Can a kid of 13 months really be ready for a big boy bed?  We let him sleep on the futon.  He's sleeping well at night on it so why mess with a good thing.  He hasn't rolled off...yet.  I'm wondering if we should just take the crib mattress away and buy the full size mattress for the convertible crib.  We'll probably wait because I'm sure next week he'll change his mind.
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