Tunnel Vision

Every few months I get over my cheapness and decide to take the plunge and buy a few things for the house.  It's probably better that I have a few months in between the shopping sprees because I change my mind every other day.  Poor Trev had to pay the price of my indecision.  I made him bring stuff up from the basement when I said I would for sure never want them in the family room again.  I made him move all the stuff that I thought for sure I would want in the family room forever into the guest room.  I'll post pictures of the result very soon.

I'm also starting to get a little...ummm...don't know the word....sad?....about leaving jake for the weekend.  I keep thinking that we'll be sooo far away (MN) and what if something happens to us.  Will he ever know how much his mommy loves him?  Morbid, I know.  Trev is probably shaking his head while he's reading this thinking.... a) why is she sharing these thoughts on the blog and b) I told her to think about how much she needs this break.  My marriage is very much a ying and yang kind of relationship.  Anyway, I know I need the break and I know jake needs to get some independence.  I know it will all be ok....as I try to stomp down the pessimist inside of me.

Every now and then Trevor asks me what I'm thinking about.  The answer is usually something he's not expecting to hear.  When I ask him, every now and then the answer is "nothing."  Is that a man thing...or a Trevor thing?  Nothing is never an acceptable answer for me to give him.  He says my mind is always thinking about something.  It's true.  It's probably why I can't get to sleep nowadays.

My baby is becoming a little boy.  It's crazy.  The other day at the park I got to catch him crawling through a tunnel.  I like to think he was crawling to me....to tell me he'll always be my little boy.  I know, stop being a sap.  Whatever....I'm leaving him for over 48 hours!!






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