Project Basement

When we bought this house, we knew there were some things that we would want to change. To be honest, we're really excited about it. Now if we could just find the energy and time to do all the things we want to do....really it's more like if I could just find a way to get Trev's focus off redoing the basement to do some of the things that I want done upstairs. it's finding the time, finding the energy and finding the focus. Notice how it's Trev that needs to find it all and not me. Hey, I only gave birth to his first born. A son at that. The Corleones would be psyched.

Keep in mind that Trev is finishing the basement himself. So it is slow going. Gramps comes down and helps every now and then. Basically it's just the two of them. I hear now that golf season is winding down the pace may pick up a bit.

So when you walk down the stairs the den/extra family room/another tv room/place where Jake will probably hide from us when he's a teenager is off to the left.

For all you skeptics, yes, my husband did all that framing by himself.

Off to the right, will be a hallway/extra space that we may one day put a desk/will probably have toys in it area.

It leads to my very own laundry room. I'm way excited about it. Like I can barely wait excited. Yup, that's the td world right there. It's going to have a folding table, an ironing table, some cabinets and a space to hang up clothes. Oh yeah, don't be jealous.

Trevor also gets a space for a tool bench. Whatever...

Here's the closet that has the furnace and water not exciting...and the spot that all the clothes fall down from the laundry fun!!

When you step out the laundry room, you can see the extra bedroom. Yup, that's a door that Trevor hung all by his lonesome.

To the right of the bedroom door is the full bathroom.

No bathtub but, there is a shower perfectly installed by gramps and Trevs.

Here's the guest bedroom. Also known as grammy and gramps' potential retirement suite. ;)

Sweet door, huh?