Imagine That

If it wasn't for the body throwing on the ground and the foot stomping and the "mommy, no!", I'd wish I could freeze time and keep jake at this age forever. He's learning so much everyday. His imagination is kicking in and its so fun to watch.

At least twice in a day he says, "Mommy, I go get donuts." He runs off to another room and comes back and hands me a "donut". I ask him what kind it is and he happily exclaims, "Chocolate!"

We're going through another no nap phase...or maybe this is the end of naps??...but, instead of fighting it, I'm going with the flow. Yikes! While I'm getting some sort of chore done, I've sat him down with a piece of poster board and a marker. The other day I asked him what he was drawing. "Birthday card for daddy. I get birthday cake for daddy, too!"

Today we were sitting on the front porch and jake was stacking his rocks. He then added a couple of pieces of wood. He looked at it, placed his index finger on his cheek and said, "Hmm. Something is missing." He then reached over and placed a pinecone on the stack.

Here's the stack knocked over...but use your imagination ;)

I pulled out the sidewalk chalk today, too. jake decided to draw a dolphin. Then he drew a pool for the dolphin.

Then he made a pile of pine needles and declared it the dolphin's food. Another pile of pine needles was the dolphin's juice. Yet another pile of pine needles was the dolphin's pizza, of course. The juice pile is a little light because the dolphin was drinking the juice.

He then started to feed the dolphin, but stopped to draw the dolphin a face. Here's the dolphin with the juice waiting to be consumed.

Oh, can't forget the blimp....with a piece of wood on it.

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