Why hello wall...

I'm one tired, mommy. I haven't hit the wall....yet. We're having a conversation, though. It hasn't pissed me off so I haven't hit it yet but....I think its coming. The wall isn't too nice.

We found out a couple of months ago that I'm anemic. The doctor wanted me to take iron supplements...on top of my prenatal vitamin...twice a day. Ummm....doctor, I'd like you to meet my digestive system...hmmm...you don't want to meet my digestive system?...good thing because you're trying to screw it that's for sure. Anyway, so I've only been taking the extra supplement once a day. I saw a big improvement in my energy but....now...now...I'm just done. Its probably more that I was on my own for a bit while Trev was away rather then the anemia but maybe an extra shot of the 'ol fe wouldn't hurt. I do not know how single parents do it. God bless them one and all.

On that note, I shall grab my ipad to wind down while I read my favorite blogs and try to gather up all the energy I can to shower. I hope the shower wins....if only for the person that has to sit next to me at story time tomorrow.